You can make a difference.

Pride Minot is more than happy to accept anything an individual or business would like to donate. Many things are needed to ensure the success of our organization in this community. Whether it's your money, time, products, or services, we would love to use your gift to better our mission!

At this time, our focus is moving Pride Minot from a social group to non-profit organization. With this new status, we will be able to raise support and sponsor many new, great things here in Minot! However, there are many things constantly in the works and in the final stages of execution. If you think that you have an idea or something to offer for a new program, please let us know! In addition to quarterly open meetings, we can also be contacted via Facebook or e-mail, thus giving everyone a chance to voice support or concern with Pride Minot programs.

One of our many goals is to help foster an environment of growth for other organizations in and around the area. Relationships have been built with the Minot High Gay Straight Alliance and Minot State University's Gay Straight Alliance organizations. We very much look forward to getting to a place where we can help these groups both financially and logistically.

Anything donated to Pride Minot is a gift to the LGBTQA+ community of Minot.

There are two ways that you can help. 


Like any other organization, Pride Minot needs funds to help us continue the great work we're doing.  

We have some great plans for the future, and thank you for your help in ensuring our growth!


We are in the full swing of preparations for the Minot Pride Festival 2018!

If you would like to donate your time, contact us today. We need many great volunteers to ensure the success of everything we do.  

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