I came out to my mom and grandma while eating lunch in Spokane,Washington in 2002. They accepted me!

I didn't come out to my dad until 2004. When he caught me skipping class, I came home to a empty room with only a bed pillow and blanket. He didn't realize it was not just a phase. It took him almost 10 years for him to accept. He and I talked a lot about it but it wasn't until last November *2012* when My parents, my fiance and I asked my dad to walk us both down the aisle. Our relationship grew to better than ever. Then I lost my dad * my best friend* this July. I was still lost for words among other things..

This is my story of Coming out!!! Ya buddy, May just throw skittles at you if you have a problem with this!! I AM OUT, PROUD AND GAY!!!!!!!

Sarah Danielle
Minot, North Dakota