Pride Night at Arny’s


Under The O …

Local drag queen Kara Fiyera had a ball (was it I-29 or O-69?) calling numbers during drag bingo at Arny’s 2.0 Lounge and Bottle Shop during Pride Night at Arny’s on September 20, 2018.


This was our first official event for the “season” with our new board. James, Christopher, Jorden, Shannon, Sabrina, and Rochelle were there in their red Pride Minot shirts greeting at the door, selling bingo cards, dishing out food, and helping to maintain an atmosphere of acceptance and fun. And to celebrate Rochelle’s birthday!

A Big Thank You To…

  • Arny’s 2.0 Lounge and Bottle Shop, for providing an awesome venue!

  • MSU Gaming, for providing Bingo daubers!

  • Norman McCloud Jr., for providing his awesome DJ services!

  • Brent Braniff, for taking awesome shots from the night!

and to everyone who came out and had a fun night!