Pride Minot to hold second annual Water Gun Fight!

Pride Minot will be holding its second annual Water Gun Fight on Sunday, August 27, at Oak Park, alongside the Minot Food Truck Festival, hosted byNDstrong.

The cost of admission to the Water Gun Fight is an item for the Souris Valley United Way's Backpack Buddies program. A list of items can be found or see in the discussion below.

Find a water gun and gather your friends to help make this day a success! Please ensure your water gun is easily discernible as a toy and can in no way be mistaken for a real firearm. We are also asking that you leave the water balloons at home to help with our cleanup efforts. Pride Minot reserves the right to refuse entry, due to any regulation and rule violations. Anyone of any age is welcome to join!

Bring your water guns filled and ready to battle! We will have filling stations available for you to refill.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Pride Minot on their Facebook page, e-mail at, or call 701-595-0579.


As you can imagine, it will take many people to make this day a complete success. You will still be able to participate in the fun if you decide to volunteer! Please contact us at if you are interested in volunteering. 


If your business or organization would like to sponsor a water refilling station, please reach out to us and send us a message with your organization's name, contact person, and phone number. (You will need to provide and water containers to hold it in, i.e. coolers, etc.) There is no cost to sponsor a station. Participants will go to stations to refill, so you'll have plenty of exposure for your business. Feel free to give anything away, sell items and services, or advertise for your organization. (Please note that paper products, such as brochures, are likely to get wet.)


*absolutely no water balloons, alcohol, drugs, or violence*